quiet of chorus lifts up the often muffled legacies of resistance to genocide in contemporary life. These embodied life-worlds yearn for freedom and wholeness, and help enliven the path forward.” Morgan Bassichis

what is quiet of chorus?

A finalist for Poets & Writers’ 2010 California Writers Exchange Award and Kundiman’s 2014 Poetry Prize, quiet of chorus is a collection of community supported poetry by Vanessa Huang that feeds the aliveness of our spirit and movements. The collection has germinated through our work together over the years to manifest our visions for prison abolition and social justice. It has engaged activists and organizers across the US in the work and practice of revolutionary poetics. Through this call and response, poetry from quiet of chorus has:

  • Traveled in letters to activists in prison; stood and sat with California’s recent prison hunger strike and the Free Shifa, Justice for Melissa Roxas, Somos Georgia, and Troy Davis campaigns, and the #Occupy at Home-Decolonize Oakland-#Occupy Together-Liberate Everywhere! movement moment; and appeared in activist media from the US Social Forum, Queers for Economic Justice, and more;
  • Fed community building and grassroots fundraising around prison abolition, political prisoner support, collective healing, and transformative justice; community response to the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile; and vigil honoring the lives of loved ones lost to transphobic violence; and
  • Invited community organizers and cultural workers to co-create gatherings healthy and accessible to beloved community members across dis/ability, so each and all of us can feed and be in our work of transformation.

My mentor Cheryl shares a living room chat below about our work together in 2011 as I revised the manuscript. She made this video with her sister Breena for our collaboration in “Out of Necessity,” an intergenerational experiment “testing how artistic relationships support and sustain poets as they write as a means of political re-imagination and reclamation.” Arisa White and Cole Krawiz curated and this process through the National Queer Arts Festival.


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